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May 24, 2018
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Yemeni Army Officer in Message to Houthis: You Are Our Brothers, But If You Try to Stop Us from Entering Sana'a and Sa'dah, You Shall Find Death

#6597 | 01:31
Source: Yemen Shabab TV (Yemen)

Yemeni army officer Colonel Abdallah Mitwan addressed the Houthis recently, saying that "you are nothing but slaves to [Houthi Leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi]" and that although "we love you and don't want to kill you," "if you want to stop us from returning to our land, you shall find death." He was interviewed by a Yemen Shabab TV reporter on May 24.


Following is a transcript: 

Abdallah Mitwan: From this place, I say [to the Houthis]: “We are your brothers. We come to you from Ma’rib, marching on our feet. We have our guns with us. We will enter Barat, Allah willing. Nothing will stop us.”  

We say to our brothers who have been led astray: “We are your brothers and sons. We are your kinsmen. We love you. You belong with us, not with Sayyid [Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi]. You are nothing but slaves to him. We see you as sheikhs, brothers, and leaders. If you want, we will view you like that, but if you want to stop us from returning to our land, you shall find death, and you shall meet the same fate as your predecessors. We love you and do not want to kill you. By Allah, we don’t. But if this is the fate you choose for yourselves, we are ready. We shall return to our homes, and Allah willing, we shall enter Sana’a and Sa’dah, regardless of the cost.” 


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