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Feb 25, 2022
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Yemen Friday Sermon by Houthi Scholar Hamdi Ziad: We Ask Allah that the War in Europe Does Not Stop; Paris, London, Berlin Will Be Destroyed

#9395 | 01:59
Source: Al-Eman TV (Yemen)

In a Friday, February 25, 2022 sermon in Sa'ada, Yemen that was aired on Al-Eman TV (Houthis-Yemen), Houthi scholar Hamdi Ziad said that he prays to Allah that the war in Eastern Europe does not end. He said that the countries in Europe will not be spared by Allah in the future, even if they are spared from the war now, and he predicted that Paris, London, and Berlin will be destroyed. Ziad also said that the countries that took part in the destruction of Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine will feel the wrath of Allah. He added that NATO will meet its end whether it joins the fight or not.

Hamdi Ziad: "We ask Allah that the war in East Europe, on the Russian border, does not stop. We do so not because we support this side or the other. No. We are a proud and independent nation, and we do not support either side. We know that the central European countries that want the war with the Russians to remained confined to Eastern Europe...

"Even if they are spared by Allah now, they will not be spared in the future. Allah alone knows, but we will witness the destruction of Paris, London, and Berlin, and all those that took part in the destruction of Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine. We will see the destruction of all these cities.


"If Europe and NATO - that includes more than 50 countries on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean - stand idly by, together with the Americans, and make do with economic sanctions against the Russians, then by Allah, they have been shamefully defeated, and the Russians will swallow them up sooner or later.

"If [NATO] tries to repel [Russia] - although I think they are cowards - then that will be their end, and they will get a taste of their own medicine."

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