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Mar 14, 2022
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Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi Of The Yemeni-Houthi Leadership: Ukraine Is At War Because It Is Led By A Jew; We Are Worried That The Goal Of The War Is To Exhaust Russia

#9431 | 01:12
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Yemeni politician Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, a member of the Houthi Supreme Political Council, said in a March 14, 2022 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that the Ukraine-Russia war is a result of the "evil-doing" of the Jews and that Ukraine is being led into war because it has a Jewish president. Al-Houthi also said that the Houthis are worried that the war has the purpose of weakening Russia and establishing a U.S.-dominated "unipolar" world order.

Interviewer: "Do you support the Russian position?"

Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi: "I think that what happened to Ukraine is the result of the evil-doing of the Jews. This is proof that when a Jew is the leader of a country, it results in war. If the president of Ukraine was someone else rather than that Jew, perhaps they would not have ended up in war."

Interviewer: "But you support the Russian position? You believe that what Russia did... How do you view this?"

Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi: "We have reservations about the war. Like I said before, this war could aim at [exhausting] Russian capabilities. It is not in the world's best interest to have a unipolar [world order], and that all the power will lie with America. So we are worried that Russia is being dragged into this war in order to exhaust its power."

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