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Aug 01, 2016
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Yarmouk TV Report on MEMRI: It Affects Public Opinion, We Should Have the Ability to Confront These Websites

#5612 | 03:21
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

The Jordanian Yarmouk TV channel recently aired a report on MEMRI, in which it said that it publishes "fabrications and snippets of video excerpts and lectures... along with commentary about some of them." The report, which aired on August 1, called for think tanks to develop "the ability to confront these websites," which, it said, "provide distorted material for the influential media in the US."

Following are excerpts:

TV host: Let's move to our next topic, which is MEMRI TV, a website in the United States. We have noticed that this website monitors us. It monitors us as Arabs and as media outlets. Even Yarmouk TV - many of our shows have been monitored. This raises the question: Why? Why do these people monitor us? Why do they want to know how we think?


Let's watch a report about this website, and about its monitoring of us here in Jordan.


The Zionists worldwide do not make do with spreading their ideas - or their poison, as their enemies call it - over the various media outlets. They have begun to monitor the media that is hostile towards them. A website like MEMRI TV, along with its followers, have classified some TV channels as hostile, fighting the beliefs and ideas of the Jews, without mentioning their war against the occupation in any context other than the ideological and religious context. This is one aspect of this monitoring. [MEMRI publishes] fabrications and snippets of video excerpts and lectures, delivered by Muslim scholars and others, along with commentary about some of them. Then they open the debate, so that the Zionists may comment on them with the utmost hatred, in which they are supported by Americans, Arabs, and even some Muslims.


Yarmouk TV and some of its guests and its shows have also been dealt with by this website. This is not the first time that the Zionists have dealt with Yarmouk TV, or have objected to its conduct, which they have labeled as inciteful and destructive. This website posts, on its Facebook page as well, excerpts from talks by Dr. Ahmad Nofal on Yarmouk TV. The excerpts are clipped from the recordings, and are used by the website's owners as they see fit. The website and its Facebook page deal with various shows on Yarmouk TV. These are not necessarily political shows. The show Baytakum 'Amer, for example, is a social family show, aimed at building a strong society with pure intentions, yet it too was subject to criticism. This is not constructive criticism, but the result of racist ideology, the goal of which is to shake people's trust in the ideological media.


This website is very important. It affects public opinion by providing distorted material for the influential media in the US. Perhaps these societies, which purport to be objective, present something else when it comes to their interests. Should we be cautious of these websites? We won't go so far. But we should have an alternative. We should have other think tanks. We should have the ability to confront these websites. So far, our ability to do so has been grossly inadequate. Our money is wasted in the wrong places, where they are not helpful in confronting this media apparatus, and this machine of research that tries to distort our image.


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