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Jan 28, 2021
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Chinese Ministry Of Defense Spokesman Wu Qian: Containing China – Mission Impossible; We Hope That The New U.S. Administration Will Make 'Joint Efforts' With China

#8656 | 01:47
Source: Online Platforms - "Radar Videos on Haokan Video (China) "

Wu Qian, the spokesperson of PRC Ministry of Defense spoke about Chinese view of the military relationship between the U.S. and China during the Trump administration and the future of the two militaries in a press conference that was posted on the Radar Videos on Haokan Video (China) on January 28, 2021. He said that China hopes that the new U.S. administration will make "joint efforts" with China, and he added that the American and Chinese militaries have recently conducted some "pragmatic exchanges." Qian added that it is an impossible task to contain China.

Wu Qian: "During the Trump administration, the China-U.S. relationship encountered serious difficulties, and the two militaries also faced many risks and challenges. Facts have proven that containing is an impossible task and they will only end up lifting a rock to drop it on their own feet. To contain China, Mission Impossible!

"At present, the relationship between the two countries and the two militaries stands at a new historical starting point. We hope that the new U.S. administration will make joint efforts with China in the spirit of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation, strengthen dialogue, focus on cooperation, manage differences and push forward the healthy and stable development of Chinese-U.S. relations.

"At the beginning of the New Year, the Chinese and U.S. militaries have conducted some pragmatic exchanges. From January 26 to 27, the two militaries held a video conference meeting on the search for the remains of American POWs and MIAs, and had an in-depth exchange of views on the cases of concern to the U.S. side and the cooperation between the two militaries, which demonstrated the importance China attaches to the concerns of the U.S. in the humanitarian field. We hope that the U.S. side, with the same professional quality and professionalism, will work alongside China to properly address China's concerns in the area of military relations, strengthen communication, manage and control risks, avoid crises and promote the development of mil-to-mil relations along the right track."

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