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Jun 29, 2018
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FIFA World Cup Conspiracy Theory - London Sheikh Haytham Tamim: VAR System Discriminates against Weak Countries

#6659 | 01:50
Source: The Internet - "Xhamia Shqiptare Londër's on YouTube"

U.K.-based cleric and lecturer Sheikh Haytham Tamim complained about the use of the new video technology – the VAR system – in the refereeing of the World Cup, saying that it discriminated against weak countries. In a Friday sermon, titled "What can we learn from the FIFA World Cup?" delivered on June 29 at the Albanian London Mosque (Xhamia Shqiptare Londër), Sheikh Tamim, who is the founder and main teacher of the Utrujj Foundation, concluded that there is a big difference between human rights applied among Europeans or Westerners and the standards applied among non-Europeans or non-Westerners. His sermon was posted on Xhamia Shqiptare Londër's YouTube channel.

Haytham Tamim: "The VAR system – Video Assistant Referee – which has been introduced a couple of years ago – is in favor of the strong countries, not the weak countries. Discrimination all the way. Why? Because we are weak. So if you are strong, they will support you with the VAR system, but if you are weak, the referee will dismiss your requests. We have seen this a couple of times, probably more. I am not following, but I can ask my children, they can confirm it easily. You can see, even then, with our weakness, they will discriminate against us. What is that? And you are calling for justice, fairness, and human rights, and what have you. When it comes to application, which human rights are you talking about? Which justice are you defining? So there is a big difference between human rights applied amongst Europeans or Westerners, or non-Westerners or Europeans. There is a big difference. So nevertheless, had you been strong, no one can discriminate against you."

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