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Mar 13, 2022
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Women Arrested In Moscow For Talking To Reporters About The War In Ukraine

#9432 | 01:44
Source: Online Platforms - "Activatica (Russia)"

On March 13, 2022, the Russian activist website, Activatica, published a video showing two women being arrested in Moscow for discussing the war in Ukraine. One woman was arrested for talking to Activatica reporters about "two words," a protest term used to refer to the statement "No war." A second woman was arrested immediately after her as she began to speak to the reporters, apparently in support of the Russian operation in Ukraine.

Activatica Reporter: "We support [anti-war] activists."

Russian Woman 1: "Do you support rallies?"

Reporter: "Of course."

Woman 1: "I just wanted to ask... In your opinion, if I will just say two words ['No war'], would it get me arrested?"

Reporter: "You are being detained right now. That is crazy. Did you see that?"

Russian Woman 2: "You only film the opposition, don't you?"

Reporter: "We film everyone."

Woman 2: "Well, do you film those who have a different opinion?"

Reporter: "Of course we do. We film everyone."

Woman 2: "But what about those who refuse to come to demonstrations and believe that the military operation conducted by our country... Do you film them?

Reporter: "Yes, we film everyone."

Woman 2: "I also want to give my opinion, then."

Reporter: "Go ahead."

Woman 2: "I am fine with..."

Police Officer: "Come with me."

Reporter: "This is shock content. The person came to say that she was fine with something, apparently with Putin and everything else. She didn't even stay for a few seconds."

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