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Mar 07, 2023
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Telegram Videos Share Detailed Instructions For Carrying Out Terror Attacks, Killing Israelis In Streets And Coffee Shops

#10157 | 04:24
Source: Online Platforms - ""The Wolf" on Telegram"

On March 7, 2023 the Telegram channel "The Wolf" posted a series of videos providing Palestinians with detailed instructions for carrying out "lone-wolf" attacks against Israelis and combating Israeli security forces following an attack.

The first video provides describes how to combat Israeli security forces after carrying out an attack, with instructions to locate "safe positions," hiding behind a car, and using Israeli "settlers" as human shields. The second video called "to avenge Al-Aqsa" and includes a simulated ambush on armed Israeli settlers walking down the street, providing instructions on safe conduct throughout the attack.

The third video began with a collage of Palestinian "martyrs" from recent clashes with Israeli military forces and footage of a mother of one of the "martyrs" saying that it is only "natural" to wage resistance against an invader. A Palestinian is seen reading on his phone about 35 Palestinian "martyrs." The video then cuts to a simulated attack against Israelis sitting in a coffee shop. The video provides detailed instructions on how to kills Israelis by shooting and stabbing them.

Woman: "It is natural that when someone invades your land and defiles your honor, you wage resistance against him. It is only natural."

Onscreen text: "Conduct reconnaissance of the place, and see if there are armed people or police there. Keep your gun loaded and concealed. Enter the coffee shop and kill them at point blank. Finish them off with two bullets to the chest in the direction of the heart, and one to the head. Look at all directions to see that you are safe, and then retreat.

"If your gun malfunctions, kill the second enemy with a knife. Violent attacks with repeated stabs, and slaughtering them by rubbing the weapons against the body.


"What should you do if you run into an enemy force after an attack? Hid behind your car during the fighting. Do not move to open spaces. Move carefully between nearby cars. Use the settlers as human shields. Shoot while pulling back. Hide from enemy fire in protected spots. You should hide behind the car.

"What should you do if you run into an enemy force after an attack? Assume firing positions behind the car. If there is a police roadblock in front of the car, start shooting. Shoot and retreat immediately. Your car was intercepted and the danger comes from the left side. Shoot and retreat immediately.


"Follow and plan carefully before carrying out the attack. Determine the killing spot. Identify the position of [your fellow] fighters to avoid friendly fire incidents.

"Oh wolf, avenge Al-Aqsa."

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