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Nov 22, 2014
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Winner of Islamic Beauty Pageant: May Allah Liberate Palestine

#4626 | 01:54
Source: Echorouk TV (Algeria)

This video presents excerpts from a report on the "World Muslimah" Islamic beauty pageant, which was founded "as a response to Western beauty contests."


Following are excerpts from the report, which aired on the Algerian Echorouk News TV on November 22, 2014.



Reporter: Intelligence, piety, and elegance are the special criteria adopted by the Islamic beauty pageant, which was founded as a response to Western beauty contests. The winner, Fatma Ben Guefrache, is a Tunisian computer engineer. She beat 17 other contestants. The Iranian Samaneh Zand and the Nigerian Bilqis Adebayo were the two runners-up.



Fatma Ben Guefrache: May Allah help me for this mission. I ask him to help liberate Palestine.



Reporter: As a sign of coexistence between Hindus and Muslims, this year's pageant was held in the 9th-century Hindu Prambanan Temple, in the Indonesian city of Yokyakarta.



Aka Shanti, pageant organizer: "World Muslimah" is actually beyond beauty pageant. It provides a role model to young Muslim generations. The new Islamic beauty queen will receive several prizes, including a trip for two to Mecca, and a gold watch or a gold dinar worth 10,000 dollars, as well as educational trips to Europe and the Middle East.





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