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Feb 24, 2019
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Wife of ISIS Fighter Leaving Al-Baghuz to Alan TV: Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Ordered the Women to Leave So the Men Could Focus on Jihad

#7040 | 01:26
Source: Alaan TV (UAE)

A reporter from Alan TV (UAE) interviewed a woman leaving Islamic State (ISIS)-controlled Al-Baghuz, Syria. The woman, who was wearing a full veil, said that she is the wife of an ISIS fighter who is sometimes an "infiltrating commando" and sometimes a "regular fighter," and who sometimes "bombs the enemies of Allah." The woman explained that ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has ordered all the women to leave Al-Baghuz so that the men could focus on jihad and instate shari'a. She also said that nobody knows exactly where Al-Baghdadi is currently located. The interview aired on February 24, 2019.


Reporter: Hello.

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: Hello.

Reporter: Where are you from?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: Damascus.

Reporter: What were you doing in Al-Baghuz [Fawqani]?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: We were there for the sake of Allah.

Reporter: What was your husband doing?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: He's a fighter.

Reporter: A regular fighter?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: Sometimes an infiltrating commando and sometimes a regular fighter. And sometimes, he plants bombs, bombing the enemies of Allah.

Reporter: Is he still in Al-Baghuz?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: Yes, Allah be praised.

Reporter: Why did you leave?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: I left because the Emir of the Believers gave an order that all the women should leave, so our husbands would come and instate the shari'a.

Reporter: Who is the Emir of the Believers?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Al-Husseini Al-Qureishi. May Allah protect him.

Reporter: He ordered you to leave?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: Yes. So that the men could focus on their Jihad.




Reporter: Have you ever seen him?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: No, but I heard many of his speeches.

Reporter: Has your husband ever met him?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: No, but he also heard many of his speeches.

Reporter: How do you know that he is a real person?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: He is a real person. (The Quran says:) 'Their mark is on their faces.'

Reporter: Where do you think [Al-Baghdadi] is right now?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: Only Allah knows. Hopefully he's with the brothers.

Reporter: He's inside [Al-Baghuz]?

Wife Of ISIS Fighter: Yes, Allah willing. Only Allah knows. He's with the brothers but nobody knows where exactly.

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