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Oct 31, 2020
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White Supremacist Leader Rinaldo Nazzaro On Rusian TV: Hitler Was The Result Of Past Circumstances And Has Nothing To Do With My Organization; Nationalism Is The Solution To Liberal Globalism

#8436 | 03:10
Source: Russia 24

The following report is now a complimentary offering from MEMRI's Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor (DTTM). For DTTM subscription information, click here.

On October 31, 2020, Russia-24 TV aired an interview with Rinaldo Nazzaro, the American white supremacist leader known as Norman Spear. Nazzaro is the founder of "The Base," a U.S.-based white supremacist group. Nazzaro told the interviewer that he does not hate people of other races and religions and that Western media has been slandering him. He explained his opinion that nationalism is the solution to the problems caused by liberal globalism, and he said that he established The Base in order to build a place for people to learn how to survive in the event of a crisis such as civil unrest. He also explained that The Base uses the Internet to recruit people. In addition, Nazzaro said that Hitler has nothing to do with The Base because he had been the result of past historical circumstances. When asked if he denies the Holocaust, Nazzaro said that he does not know much about history.

Rinaldo Nazzaro: "I have been accused of trying to start a race war. The Western press talks about this constantly. I do not hate people of other races, and I do not hate representatives of other religions."


Interviewer: "As far as I know, this is your first interview for TV. Why did you decide to be interviewed?"

Rinaldo Nazzaro: "I really didn't want ot discuss publicly my views, but I feel like I have no choice. The media in the West has been endlessly slandering me.


"To me, nationalism is the opposite of globalism. The current type of globalism... Liberal globalism is the root cause of many problems in the modern world. So for me, nationalism is a return to traditions, a more natural way of life, and a national society.


"[I established The Base because] I wanted to create a network of mutual support where we could come together and learn the skills that would help us survive during a crisis. The main crisis that comes to mind is civil unrest.


"We use social networks [to recruit people to The Base]. On the internet, we publish banners with contact information. If anyone is interested, they write us an email. After that, there is a process. Online interview is part of it."


Interviewer: "What is your opinion on a historical figure like Hitler, for example?"

Nazzaro: "To me, this has nothing to do with The Base. Hitler was a result of historical circumstances that tok place in the distant past."

Interviewer: "I'm curious about one more thing. According to your ideology, do you deny the Holocaust or not?"

Nazzaro: "I really don't know enough about this. I am not a history expert.


"[The arrest of members of The Base] was a politically motivated investigation aimed against Donald Trump.


"I feel like a political dissident. America and the West are dominated by extremely radical left-wing views. Anyone who is somewhat conservative or traditional, or who has nationalist or ultra-nationalism views, is perceived in a negative light.


"I have never had any contact with any Russian secret services. This is just a hoax created to demonize Russia. As you know, it is very convenient to blame Russia for all the problems."

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