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Jul 28, 2002
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Voodoo Jews Pierce a "Dough Muhammad" with Needles in Jordanian-Produced Soap Opera

#686 | 06:14
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from the Jordanian-produced soap opera "Stories from before the Verses Came Down", which aired on Iqra TV during February 2005.

Labid: Great sage, I see you have joined forces with Satan and his sorcery.

Huyay: I am willing to bow before him and even worship him if he gets rid of this Muhammad for me.

Labid: Relax, Abu Safiya, Relax. You've got what you wanted. No one can resist or reject my spells.

Huyay: I want to see, Labid Ibn Al-A'sam. Let my see it with my eyes, not just with words.

Labid: When Labid promises, he delivers.

Kinana: We hope so, Labid. We hope so.

Labid: Bring me a lock of Muhammad's hair, and make me a statue in the shape of Muhammad out of dough. Take this comb and get Muhammad to use it.

Huyay: Dough we have, since food is abundant in Jewish homes. But how can we get the hair, Kinana?

Kinana: This is where our hypocrites play a role – or our young Jewish boys. They will comb him with this comb and bring us his hair.

Huyay: You are right. Now I remember – we have a young Jewish boy who works for Muhammad. He is a smart boy.

Kinana: Let him bring us the hair.

Labid: Off you go. Finish your work.

Huyay: Get on with it, Ibn Al-A'sam. We've got what you asked for.

Kinana: Here is the comb with Muhammad's lock of hair. We kept it safe. This box contains the statue in the shape of Muhammad.

Labid: Well done. Well done, Jews. Now you've fallen into our hands, Muhammad. Now that you are in the hands of the Jews, we shall see whether there's a god protecting you.

Kinana: What are you going to do, holy man?

Labid: What will I do? You will see what I'll do. Muhammad will regret the day his mother gave birth to him.

Huyay: Can a Muslim fall into the hands of Jews and survive?!

Kinana: You don't have to teach us who we are, uncle.

Labid: This is what I have in store for him. These are eleven needles. This needle goes into his heart.

Huyay: Ouch! You hurt me in the heart!

Labid: This one goes in his right eye. This one goes into his left eye. This one goes into his liver. And this one goes into his leg. Kinana, bring me the comb and the lock of hair. We should thread each hair through a needle and then tie them in a knot with this string here. Now we have eleven knots.

Kinana: Could you explain what you did, so we can understand?

Labid: I've appointed a demon to protect each knot. I have gathered them from all corners of the earth.

Huyay: And how will this help, Labid?

Labid: If Muhammad is a sorcerer, he will know we cast a spell on him. He might be able to untie one or two knots, but no more.

Kinana: And if he unties them all?

Labid: It is impossible with sorcery. Impossible!

Kinana: Why?

Labid: Because I will bury it myself in an abandoned Jewish well called Be'er Dharwan.

Huyay: Well done, Labid Al-A'sam.

Labid: Where are you going, Jews?

Kinana: Anything else, Labid?

Labid: The most important thing – the dinars. The dinars for my work, Jews.

Huyay: We thought you were giving it as a present to the God of Moses.

Labid But I deserve it more than the God of Moses.

Huyay: By God! If I did not know the strength of your spells and powers, you wouldn't have seen a single dinar from me.

Kinana: Uncle, I think that the greatest demons are afraid of you, because they can learn from you.

Huyay: I want to see the results of your actions, Labid.

Labid: You will hear and see them, Huyay.

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