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May 24, 2024
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Falls Church, Virginia Imam Farhan Siddiqi: Building Alliances With LGBT Groups Has Not Benefitted Us, Has Only Confused Our Children; Homosexuality, Sodomy, And Transgenderism Remain A Huge Issue For Our Community; We Do Not Have To Work With Certain Groups

#11158 | 03:00
Source: Online Platforms - "Dar Al-Hijra Islamic Center in Falls Church on YouTUbe"

Imam Farhan Siddiqi discussed alliances with LGBT groups over common issues such as Gaza, in his May 24, 2024 Friday sermon at Dar Al-Hijra Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia, which was posted on the Islamic Center's YouTube channel. He said that the issue of Gaza has overshadowed the biggest issue in the Muslim community, which was dealing with homosexuality and transgenderism. Siddiqi said that while the Muslim community does not seek to harm homosexuals, sodomy is forbidden in Islam, and the community cannot accept homosexuality. He said that there are "certain endorsements" the Muslim community doesn't care for, nor need. Siddqi added that during its ten years of cooperation with gay groups, the Muslim community has not benefited from its alliances.

Farhan Siddiqi: "As a Muslim community, whether here in the United States... We do not go around, we do not hunt, we do not abuse, we do not beat up, we do not hurt anyone because of their identity. Whether a person is a homosexual, drinks, sodomizes, or commits fornication, I have yet to find, as a community, where we are going out and physically hurting or even terrorizing or verbally abusing anyone. Because this is not how Muslims operate, and this is not how Muslims work.


"Then what is the problem, what is the issue, and why is it a problem? Because there are some spaces that we do share, and the question is how do we navigate those spaces. One of the biggest issues that had happened, and was happening, and unfortunately, because of what is happening to our brothers in Gaza – may Allah aid them and may Allah accept their martyrs, amen – there was a huge issue that has been overshadowed, and that is this issue of homosexuality, sodomy, transgenderism, even though this was the number one issue within the community, But the reality is that it is still an issue. It hasn't gone anywhere.


"There are certain endorsements we don't care for. There are certain endorsements we don't want, because the fundamental platform that we stand on is different, even if we might agree on certain things.


"In the past ten years that we have built alliances, we worked with them and we have causes together, and the only thing that we have taken away from these alliances, and the buildings we have done and the institutions we've created, is that we confuse our children – that's it, that's all we've done. We actually have [not] had any benefit from it, we haven't had any growth, it hasn't helped our institutions, it hasn't helped our mosques, it hasn't helped our schools, if anything, it has worked against us. That's okay, there are some groups we just don't have to work with.


"The issue is that we refuse to accept [homosexuality]. Alcohol is forbidden, it will forever be forbidden. Sodomy is forbidden, it will forever be forbidden. Fornication is forbidden, it will forever be forbidden. Don't come and tell me what my religion is, don't tell me what I need to believe. In terms of respecting – you have your boundaries, you have your space, I'm not going to hurt you, that is already happening.

"And imposing on us... you need to [use] this pronoun, you need to say he/she/them, ze/zer/za. You can call yourself whatever you want, that is your right, as a human being, I have no issue with that. Don't [make] me play along with your delusion."

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