June 1, 2014
Clip No.

Viewer Discretion Advised - ISIS Atrocities in Mosul

These two videos show atrocities perpetrated by ISIS in Mosul, Iraq. The first shows a man described as an apostate being shot in the head, while people around him film the execution. The second shows a long line of what are described as Iraqi army POWs being taken from what used to be U.S. Camp Speicher to an unknown destination. The videos were posted on the Internet in June 2014.

Following are transcripts:

First video shows a man sitting on a pavement, surrounded by people, some of whom are filming with their mobile phones

Man: He is an apostate. This is the punishment of apostates, Allah willing.

The man is forced to his knees

A masked man comes up to him from behind and fires a blank to his head

Another man: No, I will film it from here. I will film it. I will film it. I will film it.

Abu Bakr, I will film it.

Masked man: In the name of Allah! Allah Akbar!

Masked man shoots him from behind

Crowd: Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!


Second video shows a long line of people being taken by foot along a road

Man: Where did they come from? From the military base?

Another man: They came from what used to be Camp Speicher. They are from Camp Speicher.