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Dec 03, 2015
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Viewer Discretion Advised: Children Execute Captives in New ISIS Video (Short, Open Version)

#5198 | 04:57
Source: The Internet

Teacher: ''Allah willing, this will be a message from the Land of the Caliphate to the Jews in particular, and to all the enemy infidel nation in general: These little bodies were filled with monotheism. When they explode, they kill and tear others to pieces. When they talk, they silence others. And when they keep quiet, they overwhelm others. Allah willing, the winners of this competition will get a prize: To execute apostates, who have deviated from the path of Islam. The winners in this competition are: Abu Afra Al-Maghrabi ['the Moroccan'], Abu Ali Al-Masri ['the Egyptian'], Omar Al-Farouq, Salman Al-Sinjari ['from Sinjar'], Idris Al-Tajiki ['from Tajikistan'], and Abd Al-Sabour Al-Turkistani  ['from East Turkestan'].

"Allah willing they will send a message from the knives and bullets of the Caliphate to the heads of the Rafidites and Nusairi [Alawites], the 'Awakening Councils,' and the Jews. Allah willing, these cubs will not only strive to liberate the Levant and the Land of the Two Rivers from Nusairi [Alawites, the Rafidites, and the Awakening Councils, or to liberate the Prophet's peninsula from the filth of the Salul [Saud] clan. No, they will strive to fly the banner of the Prophet Muhammad on top of the White House in America and the heart of Tel Aviv. This is not beyond the power of Allah.''

Abu Afra Al-Maghrabi: ''We were taught that we would conquer the Mashriq and the Maghreb, and will reclaim Al-Aqsa and Andalusia, Allah willing.''

Abd Al-Rahman Ahmad Al-Khalaf: ''My name is Abd Al-Rahman Ahmad Al-Khalaf. I was born in 1992. I was serving in Homs. I've worked for the regime for three and a half years. ''

Narrator: ''They teach their sons to bow before the ballot boxes, whereas we teach the cubs of the Caliphate that the ammunition boxes will determine [our war] with them.''

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