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Dec 06, 2018
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Uyghur Cleric: The Chinese Are Genocidal by Nature, Worse Than Hitler

#6888 | 02:34
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Sheikh Mahmoud Muhammad of the Islamic Scholars Association of Turkestan said that China's goal is to "Chinese-ify" the people of Turkestan and to forcibly uproot them from their religion, culture, and language. He claimed that even Hitler did not do such things to the Jews, and that the Chinese are genocidal by nature. He said that the Chinese have such a barbaric mentality that they burn animals and eat them alive, and that this barbaric mentality is twice as extreme when it comes to Muslims. Sheikh Muhammad was interviewed on Channel 9 TV (Turkey) on December 6, 2018.


Sheikh Mahmoud Muhammad: [China] wants to Chinese-ify our region and to force our people to assimilate. They want to uproot our people from their religion, culture, customs, and language. And therefore… Even Hitler did not do such things to the Jews, even though he kept them in centers before the World War. But this is the nature of the Chinese. The problem is that many Muslims do not know this. One of the ancient [Muslim] scholar-travelers, I think it was Ibn Battuta, said that the Chinese are genocidal by nature. They annihilate… You can see in videos how they kill animals. They burn animals. In many countries, if you kill a dog or some other animal, it is considered a crime. They burn animals and eat them alive.

Host: So they have a barbaric mentality with respect to everybody…

Mahmoud Muhammad: They have a barbaric mentality…

Host: And towards the Muslims it is twice as bad…

Mahmoud Muhammad: Of course. But the Muslims don't know… Most Muslims say that the Chinese are with us. My answer is: How can you think that the Chinese support you? What have the Chinese ever done for the Palestinian cause, for example? What have they done in Syria? What are they doing now in Syria? All they do is export their products to the Arab countries and sell them there. That's all they care about. They have done nothing for Palestine. Have they ever used their veto power in the UNSC for the sake of the Palestinians, like the U.S. does for the sake of Israel? This has never happened. Nevertheless, many Muslims and Muslim countries believe that China is good. This belief is wrong.

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