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Nov 12, 2014
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U.S. Servicemen Attacked by Turkish Leftist Radicals in Istanbul

#4595 | 01:26
Source: Online Platforms

This video-clip shows footage of several U.S. servicemen being attacked by a group of Turkish Leftist Radicals in Istanbul on November 12. The mob, chanting Yankees, go home!" and holding signs of the TGB party, threw red dye over the servicemen, who were wearing civilian clothes, and put sacks over their heads. The servicemen eventually managed to flee.

Following are excerpts from a video featuring US servicemen attacked by Turkish mob in Istanbul, which was posted on the Internet on November 12, 2014:

Turkish youth: Excuse me, you declare that you are a member of the U.S. army and now because we define you as murderers, as killers, we want you to get out of our land. And we are…

Turkish youth start pelting a US serviceman with round objects

We are using the right to protest you.

US serviceman is physically grabbed by Turkish youths

Turkish youths: Yankee go home! Yankee go home!

The youth cover the serviceman's head with a white bag. The serviceman escapes the Turkish youth and is pursued by a mob in the streets


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