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Dec 01, 2007
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U.S.-Lebanese Researcher Walid Phares and Iranian Researcher Muhammad Sadeq Al-Husseini Clash over Iranian Policies in the Middle East

#1631 | 01:37
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from a debate on Iran's Middle East policies, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on December 1, 2007:

Iranian researcher Muhammad Sadeq Al-Husseini: If America and Israel were to withdraw their armies from the region, and to dismantle that big Israeli colony, that "permanent fleet" of theirs, in the state of Israel... in occupied, plundered Palestine... In such a case, the whole world would live in peace, and Iran is the first state to call for comprehensive peace with the entire world.


The Iranian people and its leadership are untied around Ahmadinejad, whether Walid Fares like this or not. He can go pave the sea of Gaza, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Black Sea, and the Volga Canal, which Putin will open in order to break the American monopoly.


Those who killed 112 million Indians and destroyed 12 Indian civilizations have no right to talk about killing in the world. They are murderers, who trade in blood and wars. Let them withdraw their armies and fleets from the region, and then we will talk about peace and about a dialogue of ideas and cultures.


American-Lebanese researcher Dr. Walid Fares: [Tehran] wants a dialogue of civilizations, but it does not hold a dialogue even with its own people, which it oppresses – whether in Arab Al-Ahwaz, in Kurdistan, or in Baluchistan, or even with their own students and women.


There are 30,000 Iranian rockets in Lebanon. This is the Iranian fleet. The Quds Forces conduct training in Iraq, in Lebanon, and elsewhere in the Arab and Islamic world. These are the Iranian fleets.

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