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Oct 13, 2023
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University Of Illinois Chicago Student Sadik Froukh Celebrates October 7 Hamas Attacks During Muslim Student Association Friday Sermon On Campus: I Stand Here With A Smile On My Face; The Attacks Of These Fierce Courageous Warriors Have Brought Pride To The Islamic Nation

#10759 | 02:16
Source: Online Platforms - "MSA at UIC on YouTube"

Sadik Froukh, a student at University of Illinois Chicago, celebrated the October 7 attacks in an October 13, 2023 Friday sermon delivered at the university's Muslim Student Association and posted on the YouTube channel of MSA at UIC. He said that he stands at the pulpit with a smile on his face. Froukh added that the series of attacks carried out in the past six days since October 7 brought pride to the Islamic nation. He continued to say that the people of Gaza know that the best way to leave this world is fighting for the sake of Allah, and "that's why you see them fighting like fierce warriors."

Sadik Froukh: "Today I stand here on the pulpit to give a sermon with a smile on my face, although it may not show. [I am] standing here with pride, honor, dignity, and happiness with the recent events that have been going on in the past six days [since October 7], which everybody has heard of. Over the past six days, we have witnessed a series of attacks, a series of operations, carried out by sincere, courageous brothers, which shows u that the Muslim nation is still alive, that there are still those who are sincere within this nation, and who are working for the sake of Allah.

"The things they've done have brought pride and victory to the Islamic nation, wherever you are.


"Bring whatever you have, for we are ready. Weare patient, we are steadfast, and we are ready to go through any battle, and we will stay on this path until we die on this path, because we understand that the best way to leave this world is with the pleasure of Allah. We wake up every single day seeking the pleasure of Allah. Those in Gaza know for a fact that the best way to leave this world is fighting for the sake of Allah. That's why you see them fighting like fierce warriors. You don't see them [being] cowards like the enemy, running away from battle.


"We will not stop until either we see victory with out own eyes or we die upon that path.


"They call the fierce warriors... They call the mujahideen in Gaza, fighting for the sake of Allah, defending the third holiest land, fighting for its liberation, they call them terrorists. They call them people that are killing innocent civilians.


"Oh Allah, support our mujahideen brothers, who are in ribat in Gaza. Oh Allah, support our mujahideen brothers, who are in ribat in Palestine."

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