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Aug 09, 2022
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Mother Of Palestinian Terrorist Recently Killed By Israeli Security Forces To Al-Jazeera: We Will Never Tire Of Jihad; The Hypocrite Jews Think They Killed Him, But He Is Alive With Allah

#9742 | 02:03
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

"Umm Ibrahim," the mother of Palestinian terrorist Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi, who was killed by Israeli security forces earlier that day told Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) on August 9, 2022 that Palestinians will never grow tired of Jihad. She said that the Jews, who are the "worst liars and hypocrites in history," think that they killed Ibrahim, but he is alive with Allah. Umm Ibrahim said: "We will never grow tired of Jihad." She added that Ibrahim was "martyred," but there are a "hundred thousand Ibrahims," who will "continue his path of Jihad." Umm Ibrahim said that the Al-Aqsa Mosque will return to the Palestinians.

Interviewer: "What do you say to those who say that the Palestinians have had enough, that Palestinians want peace and security, enough with the wars, and that we should move in the direction of peace, [they've had] enough with the resistance? What do you think about this?"

Umm Ibrahim: "No, no. There is no way that Palestinians say such things. We are going to stay in ribat until the Day of Judgment. Palestine brings forth many an offspring, inshallah. True, Ibrahim was martyred. But there are a hundred million Palestinians named 'Ibrahim' and 'Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi.' A woman gave birth today, and she named her son 'Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi' — not just 'Ibrahim,' but 'Ibrahim Al-Nab        ulsi,' thanks to Allah.

"We will never grow tired of Jihad. The Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Land of the Prophet's Night Journey will return to us, not because it is our will, but because this is Allah's will, inshallah. Even if Ibrahim was martyred, there are a hundred thousand Ibrahims who will continue his path of Jihad, inshallah. Allah is pleased with [Ibrahim's] will. There is no doubt that people love [Ibrahim], and they are going to carry out his will.


"Jews are the worst liars and hypocrites in history, while my son is a martyr. They think that they had killed him, but he is alive with Allah. [The Quran says:] 'Rather, they are alive with their lord, and they are well provided, rejoicing in what Allah has given them, and they receive good tidings about those after them that have not yet joined them that there shall be no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.'"

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