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Oct 27, 2023
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U.K.-Based Palestinian Academic Azzam Al-Tamimi: Hamas Did Not Capture Or Harm Any Israeli Civilians On October 7; Palestinian Civilians Did It, Ecstatic About Returning To The Land Of Their Forefathers

#10584 | 00:54
Source: Hiwar TV (U.K.)

U.K.-based Palestinian academic Azzam Al-Tamimi said on an October 27, 2023 show on Hiwar TV (U.K.) that Hamas only targeted military personnel on October 7. He said that it was not Hamas fighters who captured or harmed Israeli civilians, but masses of Palestinians from Gaza, who were "ecstatic" about returning to the land of their forefathers. Al-Tamimi is the founder of Al-Hiwar TV and is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Azzam Al-Tamimi: "On October 7, Hamas targeted military personnel only. All the [Israeli] civilians who were captured or harmed – it was not done by the Hamas fighters, but rather by the civilian masses who dashed when the border wall collapsed, and were utterly ecstatic about returning to the land of their forefathers. Hamas did not target a single [Israeli] civilian."

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