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Apr 29, 2022
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UAE Politician Ahmed Al-Jarwan, President Of Global Council For Tolerance And Peace, Praises Normalization With Israel: Hizbullah Has Hijacked Lebanon And The Houthis Tarnish The Name Of Islam

#9536 | 03:27
Source: Asharq TV (Saudi Arabia)

In an April 29, 2022 interview on Asharq TV (Saudi Arabia), UAE politician Ahmed Al-Jarwan, the president of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, praised normalization with Israel and condemned the Muslim Brotherhood, the Houthis, Hizbullah, and the IRGC. He said that the Muslim Brotherhood is a harmful extremist group, that the Houthis tarnish the name of Islam, that Hizbullah is hijacking Lebanon, and that the Arabs don't have a problem with the Shi'ites or Iran, but with the Iranian ruling system and the IRGC. In addition, he said that while in the past, Egypt was the only Arab country that could help the Palestinians negotiate with Israel, there are now five such countries who have normalized relations with Israel. He urged the Palestinians to "make good use" of these normalization initiatives, which can help establish a Palestinian state.

Ahmed Al-Jarwan: "The Muslim Brotherhood has harmed Islam and harmed us, as Arabs. We are paying the price for this extremist group that wants to lead the Arab and Islamic world in the service of its own limited interests. This group does not serve Islam, the Muslims, or the Arab world.

"Let us not forget the Houthis, who serve as an IRGC-sponsored terrorism platform, and strive to tarnish the glowing image of Islam and Arabism. The Arab world is part of the international community.


"Lebanon has been hijacked from the Arab world. We all know — this is no secret — that Lebanon used to be a very important country in terms of media, culture, and education. Lebanon used to be a white rose — the Europe of the Middle East. Sadly, Lebanon has been hijacked by a group that does not seek to do good. Hizbullah's sectarian extremism is abnormal.

"We have no problem with the Shi'ites, the Christians, or any other denomination. We live in the Arab world. We have partners from India, who could be Hindus, Sikhs, and so on. We do not have a problem even with Iran. Our problem is with the ruling system, and with the IRGC that wants to storm its neighbors, in order to usher in their own sectarian plan.


"Our beloved brothers in Palestine used to have just one brother — the Arab Republic of Egypt. They would meet with them and hold talks, together with the Israelis. The Palestinians would travel to Cairo, in order to continue the dialogue [with Israel]. Now they have five such brothers.

"When the UAE signed the agreement, it included two conditions: The normalization of relations with Israel, and an effort to establish a Palestinian state. Our Palestinian brothers now have brothers and friends.

"However, our Palestinian brothers must make good use of these initiatives. They have influential friends. We are talking about important countries in the Middle East and North Africa."

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