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Nov 11, 2005
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UAE Friday Sermon: Jordan Bombers Should Be Excommunicated

#930 | 02:31
Source: UAE TV

Following are excerpts from a UAE Friday sermon, which was broadcast on UAE TV on November 11, 2005.

Our greatest disaster today comes not from the people of other religions, but from people who profess to belong to Islam, yet commit acts that have nothing to do with Islam.

The greatest calamity is the harming of Islam in the name of Islam. Our crisis is caused by people who present our religion to others as a religion of killing, destruction and the corruption throughout the land. This harms the religion of Islam, and each and everyone of you must fight this.

The bombings in Jordan sound all the warning bells, and prove that the enemies of Islam from among the terrorists have taken their moral bankruptcy to an unprecedented level.


Whoever straps an explosives belt around his waist and reaps the lives of dozens of peaceful Muslims, claiming that this will get him into Paradise, where he will hug the black-eyed virgins - as though a Muslim's only purpose in life is to kill himself and others in order to enter Paradise and marry the black-eyed virgins, as they claim, without even considering Allah's wrath and the sanctity of life...

Oh worshippers of Allah, is there a doubt left in the mind of any reasonable Muslim that these people's actions are heinous, and that Islam has nothing to do with them or their actions?

The clerics should make it clear to the public that these murderers are excommunicated, because of their ugly actions that violate the tolerance of Islam, and the mercy it has brought.

So why can't we protect Islam by banishing these people from Islam and casting them out of the community of Muslims? This is the role of the clerics, the jurisprudents, and the scholars.

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