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Sep 01, 2020
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Dubai's Deputy Chief Of Police Dhahi Khalfan Tamim: Iran And Turkey, Not Israel, Threaten Gulf States; Iran Must Choose Between Economic Death, Collapse Of Mullah Regime, And Peace With Israel; PA President Mahmoud Abbas Should Resign

#8255 | 03:15
Source: The Internet - "Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV Show"

Lieutenant-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai's deputy chief of police and general security, was interviewed on Diwan Al-Mullah Online TV (Kuwait) on September 1, 2020. In the interview Tamim said that unlike Turkey and Iran, Israel has never threatened the Gulf states. He added that the agreement between the UAE and Israel serves the security and stability of the Gulf region in particular. Tamim asked why any ruler should pin their decision-making on PA President Mahmoud Abbas's approval. He elaborated that Abbas is incapable of making a decision to resolve the Palestinian cause and said that if he were a "worthy leader" he would have resolved the Palestinian problem or resigned if unsuccessful. Tamim asked how the public opinion in the Gulf states can be expected to favor Palestinians if they pray for the destruction of these countries in their mosques. He then then referred to Iran, saying it has three choices, either it can die an economic death, sign a peace agreement with Israel and "coexist with the region," or allow the Mullah regime to collapse.

Lieutenant-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim: “We seek help from whoever can help us achieve security and stability in the region. Israel has never threatened us. Erdogan did. Iran is threatening us.


“So nobody should say that such agreements do not serve stability in the region. The first thing the agreement does is to serve the security and stability of the Gulf region in particular.


“Erdogan is the biggest peddler in the Palestinian cause. He is peddling in the Palestinian cause, nothing more, nothing less.


“It is conceivable that the decision of heads of state to sign or not to sign an agreement with a certain country would depend on the approval of Mahmoud Abbas? Is it conceivable that a president or a prime minister would pin their [decisions] on Mahmoud Abbas? Abbas himself is incapable of making a decision to resolve the [Palestinian] cause, or to negotiate on whether to move forward or backward. If Abbas were a worthy leader, he would have resolved the Palestinian problem or resigned. I am telling you. It was his historic responsibility to achieve what should have been achieved in a certain time period, or resign from his post as president.


“During Friday prayers in [Palestinian] mosques, they pray for Allah to destroy the Gulf states, the UAE, Saudi Arabi, and so on. How can you expect the public opinion in the Gulf – even before the opinion of the governments – not to be against them?


“[Ismail] Haniyeh, when you are being hostile to Saudi Arabia and open your arms to Iran... Who do you think you are? Go to Iran and let them help you. Go to Hell!"

Interviewer: “Great.“


Tamim: “Iran has to choose one of three roads all of which lead to Tel Aviv. It can die economically, or it can sign a peace agreement with Israel and coexist with the region. The third option is the fall of the regime of the Mullahs.“

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