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Apr 20, 2023
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Iranian TV Report Showcases 200 New Drones Entering Service In Iran's Army

#10253 | 01:24
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

On April 20, 2023, Channel 2 (Iran) aired a report about 200 new UAVs that are entering service in the Islamic Republic of Iran Army. According to the report, these drones are of various types and serve a variety of functions. The commission of the drones is part of a deal involving 1000 drones between Iran's Defense Ministry and the Army. One of the drones commissioned by the Army is the Arash suicide drone, which has been used in recent military exercises.

Reporter: "Less than a year after the unveiling of the army's underground drone base, over 200 UAVs of various types – reconnaissance, combat, and suicide drones – were added to the army's UAV fleet in different locations in the country.

"This is part of a contract between the army and the Defense Ministry for the supply of 1,000 UAVs. These UAVs were planned and built at the Aviation Industries Organization, in cooperation with the army, and they were upgraded with new versions.

"Here, elsewhere, in the country, this is the first drone with an all-Iranian turbo-jet engine that does not require a runway to take off. Each unit of this UAV can be carried on a truck, and for the recovery phase a parachute system was installed in it.

"The Karrar UAV can carry out tracking and aerial combat missions, and if needed, it can function as a suicide drone.

"You could also see the Ababil-5 among the drones. This UAV was unveiled a year ago. As for this UAV the Arash it is just a suicide drone, and it was used in the recent exercises."

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