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Oct 10, 2016
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TV Report on Yazidi Female Brigade Fighting ISIS

#5720 | 03:14
Source: Alaan TV (UAE)

A recent TV report takes a look at the "Sun Brigade," a unit composed of young Yazidi women determined to fight ISIS after escaping captivity or witnessing the atrocities committed by the organization against their families. According to the report, which aired on Alaan TV on October 9, the brigade consists of 140 female fighters, who want to join the Peshmerga forces in the fight against ISIS.


Following are excerpts



Inas, member of Sun Brigade: I was held captive by ISIS militants for two months. They killed my sister before my eyes, and there was nothing I could do to help her. After they perpetrated all kinds of crimes against us, I managed to escape. Then I joined this brigade in order to fight ISIS, and avenge my sister's death.



Voice of reporter: Inas is one of the women who have joined the "Sun Brigade," in order to respond to the crimes of ISIS, which occupied their land, perpetrated massacres, and attacked women. Alaan News visited these young women in the Sanuni District, where the headquarters of the brigade of the "Sun Girls" is located, and interviewed them. They told us that the goal of this brigade is to participate in the defense of their regions, and to prevent the recurrence of the crimes committed against them.



The "Sun Girls" brigade consists of 140 young Yazidi Kurdish women, in Iraqi Kurdistan. These young women were captured by ISIS, which perpetrated extermination campaigns against their families.



Female commander of "Sun Girls": There are hundreds of girls who want to volunteer to join the brigade. Most of them were in the captivity of ISIS, and their families were killed or suffered from its violence. The brigade was established in order to fight the ISIS terrorist organization. We are all prepared to take part in the battles on the frontlines.



Voice of reporter: The commander of the brigade and the squad commanders have a strong will to fight and participate in the battles against terrorism. The commanders stressed that the girls are ready to take part in the battles, and that they have in fact participated in two battles, one of which was the liberation of Sinjar.





"Sun Girls" member: We are 140 young women with full combat skills. We are trained in the use of many types of weapons. We conduct our own patrols, and we defend our regions. We want to participate in the battles, until we have cleansed every inch of our land.


Voice of reporter: The girls have been trained in the use of many types of light and medium weapons, in order to be prepared for the battles against ISIS. The girls stressed that they want to support the Peshmerga forces in the battles on the frontlines.



Yazidi member of "Sun Girls": I am a Yazidi girl who joined the brigade in order to be a part of the Peshmerga forces fighting ISIS. After I witnessed the kidnapping of our young girls and the murder of our men, I decided to fight ISIS to my very last breath, and until our regions are liberated from the terrorists.



Voice of reporter: These girls have a single desire - to fight ISIS. They eagerly await their participation in the battles and their victory, to retaliate for the crimes of ISIS against their families, and to defend their regions.





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