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Jan 01, 2012
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TV Report on US Drone Captured by Iraqi Insurgents

#3265 | 02:54
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from a report on a US drone captured by Iraqi insurgents, which aired on Al-Manar TV on January 2, 2012:

Reporter: This American reconnaissance plane is in the hands of the Iraqi resistance. This is an achievement that the resistance has pulled out of its hat – one of dozens of qualitative achievements that the US occupation army has not dared to acknowledge throughout its time in Iraq. This state-of-the-art Predator plane fell into the hands of the resistance in Basra, following surveillance activity that led to this achievement.

Abu Taher, commander in the Islamic Resistance in Iraq: The operation was carried out in Basra. The brothers in operations have been monitoring the flight of this plane over Basra. They drew up a detailed plan to bring down this plane, but I can't go into the details. As we can see, the plane was brought down intact, and that proves the level of excellence attained by the resistance. The operation has shown the enemy the extent of the resistance's superiority over its electronic equipment.

Reporter: In 2009, this hi-tech plane was described as the most suitable plane for spying on so-called "terrorists." It excels in its surveillance and in the time it can stay in the air.

Abu Taher: This plane can stay in the air for 40 hours. The American occupation army uses it in Iraq. This remote-controlled plane carries out reconnaissance flights and sends the pictures it takes to the control compound. As we can see, this plane is equipped with very sensitive cameras. It can operate at all times and in all weather conditions.

Reporter: Abu Taher stresses that the operation was achieved by Iraqis.

Abu Taher: Our battle with the enemy is largely one of will and wit. The success of this operation has shown everyone that a group of believers can overcome the enemy's equipment and technology. It has proven to the world that US superiority is nothing but media hype.


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