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Jul 07, 2016
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TV Report on Kurdish Museum Dedicated to ISIS Weaponry

#5569 | 01:59
Source: Sky News Arabia (U.K./Abu Dhabi)

Sky News Arabia recently broadcast a report on a Kurdish museum exhibiting a variety of explosive devices "invented and perfected by the masterminds of ISIS." According to the report, which aired on July 7, the museum "serves as testimony to the dark times of the blood-soaked terror of ISIS."


Following are excerpts



Voice of reporter: In this hall, explosives experts from the Peshmerga forces gathered various examples of land mines, explosive devices, explosives belts, and dozens of bombs made from construction materials, personal effects, and home appliances. The exhibits in the museum represent a mere handful of the dozens of tons of explosives and means of killing and destruction that were invented and perfected by the masterminds of ISIS.



Peshmerga military commander: We selected an example of every type of explosive used by ISIS in Nineveh, so that the explosives experts of the Peshmerga could examine them. We hope to expand this hall into a large museum in the near future, so that the people can see all the means of killing and destruction that were used by the terrorists against the Peshmerga. The most dangerous device is the explosives belt.



Reporter in military fatigues: This is an advanced model of an explosives belt. The militants use it in their attacks on Peshmerga posts. It contains two kilograms of explosives mixed with ball bearings.




These are different types of missiles filled with toxic gasses, used by ISIS on many battle fronts.







This museum serves as testimony to the dark times of the blood-soaked terror of ISIS, which stormed Iraq, the region, and the entire world.





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