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May 31, 2016
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TV Report on Iran's Holocaust Cartoon Contest: Its Goal Is to Spotlight the "Holocaust" Perpetrated by Israel

#5503 | 02:07
Source: Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad)

Palestine Today TV broadcast a report on the third International Holocaust Cartoon Contest taking place in Tehran, in which it claimed that the contest has "nothing to do with antisemitism" and that "its only goal was to present the current holocaust, being perpetrated by the Israeli entity against the Palestinian people." The report aired on June 1, 2016


Following are excerpts



Reporter: "It is only natural that an artistic contest called 'The Holocaust' would arouse the anger of the Israeli entity especially if its organizers are from the Islamic Republic. They peddle this contest as, 'antisemitism', and a number European countries accept this.






"This is what the exhibition of the Holocaust cartoon looked like. It had nothing to do with antisemitism, despite the way the occupation's PM Netanyahu presented it to the world. Its only goal was to present the current Holocaust being perpetrated by his entity against the Palestinian people."






Speaker 1: "This exhibition aims to show world public opinion the outcome of what the Israeli entity is doing to the Palestinians. Today, the truth is becoming increasingly evident and that means that the bells have tolled for the end of the Israeli occupation."






Reporter: "The ceremonies in honor of the competitors, attended by officials and by the public, highlighted the main goal of the contest: to direct a spotlight on the crimes perpetuated by today's criminals."






Speaker 2: "The statements by the occupation's leaders regarding this exhibition are illogical. What gives them the right to drive the Palestinian people out of their land? They occupied Palestine under the pretext of an historical event that the Palestinians had nothing to do with."






Reporter: "Artists from most of the world's countries participated in this high-profile contest. Iranian artist Mohammadhosein Niroumand explained his work to us - a work that made him one of the winners."






Mohammadhosein Niroumand: "The rationale underlying my work is that the Palestinian people are paying the price for an historical event they had nothing to do with - the Holocaust. Here you see the entrance to Auschwitz, 'Where the Zionists claim that the Holocaust was perpetrated.'"


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