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Sep 23, 2014
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TV Report on First Female Pilot in UAE, Said to Have Participated in Air Strike on ISIS

#4518 | 01:40
Source: Abu Dhabi TV

An Abu Dhabi TV report about the first female pilot in the UAE was posted on the Internet on September 24, 2014. Major Mariam Al-Mansouri, who flies an F-16 fighter jet, is said to have participated in the bombing of ISIS targets in Syria.


Following are excerpts:



Reporter: The ambitions of Major Mariam Al-Mansouri have led her to become an F-16 pilot in the UAE armed forces. Thus, she has become the first female pilot in the UAE.



Mariam Al-Mansouri: At first, I did not expect this, but Allah be praised, I managed to realize this dream with the support of the leadership, the sheiks, the officials, and the trainers, and the encouragement of my colleagues. Thank God, I have become a pilot.



Reporter: The empowerment of women, who were allowed to work in all fields, has paved the way for her to become a fighter pilot in the airforce. This is a new field for women to work in.



Mariam Al-Mansouri: Both women and men have the right to engage in any work. They must show dedication and determination, and be willing to better themselves, and to acquire theoretical and practical capabilities in order to reach the highest levels in the service of this country.



Reporter: Behind the wheel of this F-16, Major Mariam Al-Mansouri flies the skies of our country. She has become a role model for anyone who has the service of the country on his mind.





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