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Aug 03, 2014
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TV Host Pulls Out a Sword: If Arab Leaders Are Not Real Men, They Should Let Real Men Fight in Gaza

#4400 | 04:40

Political activist Husam Al-Abdalat, owner of the newly-established Jordan Future TV, unsheathed a sword life on air, and addressed the Arab leaders, whom he accused of hypocrisy: "If you are not real men, let real men fight." The address was broadcast on August 3, 2014.

Husam Al-Abdalat: All the disgrace-afflicted Arabs, whose honor has been defiled, and who have been kissing the boots of the Zionists and the Americans, are collaborating in the killing of Hamas, in the killing of the people of Gaza, in the killing of the Islamic Jihad, and in the crushing of the Al-Qassam Brigades.


I say to all the Arab leaders: by Allah, you deserve nothing but this sword. If you are not real men, let real men fight. If you are not real men, support the people of Gaza. Let them fight the Zionist enemy. Where are you, Al-Sisi – you who purports to be the president of Egypt? Where are the Arab leaders?


Saudi Arabia bought $63 billion worth of weapons, which it hoards. Why? Because America showed up and used Iran to scare them: "Iran is a boogeyman, coming for you. You’d better watch out." So the Saudis bought $63 billion worth of weapons. What will they do with all those airplanes? They don’t know how to beat even the Houthis on the Saudi-Yemeni border…They can’t even deal with this deviant anti-Sunni group. What are all these weapons for? In the UAE, they have one airplane or tank per citizen. What for? So we can fight one another? Some Gulf countries were quick to pull out their ambassadors from Qatar. Great. Fine, but what about the Zionist entity? Be honest with us and say: we love them, they are our cousins…Admit that you love them. Don’t say that they are your enemies. I like what you say, but I’m perplexed by your actions. It doesn’t add up. Either say that this is a plundering entity that occupies Palestine – and there can be no dialogue with it, no peace negotiations – or else, simply say: Man, these are our friends.


Help us understand this. You can put a little something in the water to persuade us. Put something in our water or food, so we will start loving Israel. Tell us to love Israel, just don’t be two-faced about it.


Who are all these weapons for? We want to return to the era of swords and fight. We don’t want your submachine guns, your pistols, or your RPGs. Let the Arab peoples use these swords… I am certain that the Arab and Muslim peoples want to support Gaza. They will march with their swords. If you find a single Zionist in Israel after that, get back to us.

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