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Sep 22, 2013
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TV Debate on Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal Deteriorates into Verbal Abuse

#3995 | 02:14
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from a debate between FSA political coordinator Luay Al-Miqdad and Syrian commentator Akram Makkana, which aired on Al-Jadeed/New TV on September 22, 2013:

FSA FSA political coordinator Luay Al-Miqdad: We do not know why Al-Assad armed himself with chemical weapons, and why he handed it over. What has changed? Was it intended to counter-balance Israel, and now he signed peace with Israel? We don't know. If everybody surrendered their weapons just because someone threatened them... I do not understand this theory. If the Americans attack Al-Assad, will he hand his weapons over to them? These weapons were never meant for Israel, only for the Syrian people. That criminal, Bashar Al-Assad, would even hand over his wife Asma in order to remain in power. That's the only theory...

Syrian commentator Akram Makkana: You will hand over your mother and your sister, you filthy pimp.

Moderator: Don't...

Akram Makkana: To hell with you, you scum, son of scum, son of a bitch.

Moderator: Now, please don't...

Akram Makkana: You are scum with no honor. You were born of Israeli semen.

Moderator: Please, some expressions you can't use.

Akram Makkana: He's scum. He started it.

Moderator: I beg you, Dr. Makkana...

Akram Makkana: It's a disgrace!

Moderator: It's a disgrace to use such expressions live on air. With all due respect, it's a disgrace to use such expressions live on air.

Akram Makkana: A disgrace, but he started it, not me.

Moderator: But it's a disgrace to use such expressions live on air.

Akram Makkana: He started it, not me.

Moderator: Let's go back to politics...

Akram Makkana: I was very calm...

Moderator: I want to end this...

Akram Makkana: It's a disgrace to talk like that about your president.

Moderator: Are you going to answer my question, or what?

Luay Al-Miqdad: This president is just like you.

Akram Makkana: Someone like me is much more honorable than whoever spawned you. You are pimping the women of the Free Syrian Army. You dare talk to me?! You are nothing but a boy's boy.

Moderator: I have no choice but to end this here.


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