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Jun 22, 2024
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Juneteenth Commemoration At Tuskegee, Alabama Mosque: Muslims Must Remake America, It Cannot Be Saved Unless We Save It; We Must Prepare Ourselves To Run The World

#11237 | 01:39
Source: Online Platforms - "‘Tuskegee Muslims’ on Facebook"

In a 22, 2024 event commemorating Juneteenth, American slave emancipation, in Tuskegee, Alabama the imam said that Muslims must prepare themselves to "run the world" and that the "real hope" for America is for Muslims in the United States to "come together. He added: "It is on us to remake America." The event was streamed live on ‘Tuskegee Muslims’ on Facebook.

Imam: "The foolish are falling by the wayside. They are falling by the wayside. We are going to have to prepare ourselves to run the world.


"The real hope for America is for Muslims in America to come together and to work not only with other Muslims but with people who are concerned about the lives of our people.


"Don't take it lightly. I don't believe America can be saved unless we save it.


"It is on us to remake America. Do you understand? It's on us, and that means we have to create a collective mind, a collective effort.


"What I know is that we are a tribe, we are a people, and we cannot allow anybody to destroy it. We can't. We can't. If we allow this, we can't even look in the mirror and say we are men. Do you understand? We are the men of Islam. We have work to do you all."

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