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Aug 05, 2016
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Turkish President Erdogan: The West Cannot Split Turkey or Subdue the Will of the Turkish People

#5615 | 02:05
Source: TRT Arabic (Turkey)

In a TRT Arabia interview, aired on August 5, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the West, which is "fueled by false reports and rumors" published in its media, "cannot subdue the will of the Turkish people, and cannot split Turkey up." Erdogan also said that although over 10,000 people had been detained after the coup attempt, "we will continue with further detentions." The English translation is from the Arabic voiceover.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: "We are currently working to purge the military establishment, as well as other institutions, and to restructure these institutions. There are two important points here: (the need) to rebuild the military establishment, and (the need) to rebuild the state. It is important for us to benefit as much as possible from these two points.


"Over 10,000 people were detained (following the coup attempt). This is a large figure, but we will not stop there. We will continue with further detentions.


"You may say that Erdogan is a dictator and his rule may not be to your liking, but at the very least, take a look at how Turkey's democracy was targeted by those who carried out the coup. The West is fueled by false reports and rumors, which are published in the Western media machinery. It makes do with denunciations, followed by 'but...', 'it seems that...', and 'except for...' This is unacceptable. The West cannot subdue the will of the Turkish people, and cannot split Turkey up. You might kill a thousand people, but the people will stand up again, just like stalks of wheat. The people have been taking to the streets until morning, protesting for the sake of democracy."

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