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May 17, 2018
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Turkish Political Commentator Hüseyin Güneş Incites against Turkey’s Jews: We Are All Slaves to Them; We Strive to Get Rid of Israel

#6589 | 02:09
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Turkish political commentator Hüseyin Güneş said that "we are all slaves to the Jews," who "control us economically." In a May 17 interview on the Turkish Channel 9/Qanat TV, he said that the Turkish Jews had betrayed their country in WWI, and that they "have been traitors throughout history." Güneş said that "we are striving to get rid of Israel," and complained that the U.S. takes Gulf money to support Israel.


Following is a transcript:

Hüseyin Güneş: Here, in Turkey, there are about thirty thousand [Jews]. In Iran too, there are about thirty thousand Jews. But we are all slaves to the Jews here. We work for them. They control us economically…

Host: Even in Turkey?

Hüseyin Güneş: Of course. Even in Turkey.


During World War I, the Jews who were born here or who settled here left Turkey and fought against the Ottoman Empire. Even in Gallipoli, the Jews fought with the English against the Turkish soldiers. Many Turks were martyred by them. The Jews fought us. You know that they have been traitors throughout history.


Turkey, Russia, Iran, and China are on the same side. If Israel continues its current policy, we will strike it.


Today, we are striving to get rid of Israel, or strike Israel, whereas our [Arab] brothers are providing material support to Israel. Do you think the United States uses all the money it gets from some of the Gulf States by itself? No way! Part of the money is given to Israel. How can America afford to support [Israel]? America takes [money] from the Islamic world and uses it to support Third World countries, to pay the United Nations, and to buy weapons. It uses the money of the Muslims to attack us here.


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