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May 27, 2024
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Turkey-Based Muslim Brotherhood TV Host Invents Story About Shlomo – Russian-Born Jewish Genius With A Phobia Of Flip-Flops – In Attempt To Mock An Israeli Soldier Supposedly Kidnapped To Gaza By Hamas

#11134 | 03:14
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

In his May 27, 2024 show on the Arab-language-Muslim-Brotherhood-affiliated Channel 9 (Turkey), host A'laa Elsaleh told a mocking tale about the soldier who was supposedly kidnapped by Hamas on May 25. He said that the soldier’s name was Shlomo, he was born in Moscow, but grew up in the United States, from where he came to Israel and joined a special force unit. Elsaleh claimed that this soldier had a phobia of flip-flops and that after he was kidnapped, he said that he wanted to return to Moscow. Elsaleh aired a video spread by Palestinian social media accounts, in which Hamas fighters in flip-flops can be seen dragging what seems to be a dead body through a tunnel. Hamas media alleged that this was a kidnapped Israeli soldier. Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari has denied these claims.

A'laa Elsaleh: "In 1990, in Moscow, the Russian capital, a boy names Shlomo was born to an extremist Zionist family. From the age of two, one could see that he was graceful and intelligent. This guy had an outstanding IQ. But he had one complex – he had a strange phobia of flip-flops. He would run away. Whenever he would see flip-flops, he would scream: 'I don't want no flip-flops! Get those flip-flops out of my face!'

"Shlomo's family emigrated to America. First they went to America, before going to the Israeli entity, so he could study at a special school for gifted students. He was there until he grew up and graduated. He graduated summa cum laude, at the expense of the American taxpayers and the U.S. Treasury, and at an estimated cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars."

"He simultaneously completed a series of courses in space science, nanophysics, cyber security, brain surgery, zucchini in cream, and what have you… However, he was really into military sciences and special operations. So, Shlomo joined the American elite Delta Force. Then he traveled to the Zionist entity and became the commander of one of the most important special units, which had the most modern equipment and gear. "Shlomo has spent years wreaking havoc in occupied Palestine. Then, on Saturday, May 25, 2024, more than 230 days after the glorious Al-Aqsa Flood, Shlomo was dragged through one of the tunnels in Gaza, by a courageous, pure, and pious young man, who was wearing flip-flops.

"Shlomo looked at him and screamed in horror: 'Take me back to Russia! 1,000 flip-flops in Moscow are better than one pair in Gaza!'"

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