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Jan 14, 2023
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Turkish Journalist Hamza Tekin On Russian TV: Turkey Will Support Finland And Sweden Bid To Join NATO Only If It Gets Something In Return; Turkey Will Conduct Its Operation In Northern Syria Regardless Of U.S. Objection

#10065 | 02:27
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Turkish journalist Hamza Tekin said in a January 14, 2023 show on Russia Today TV that Turkey is ridding itself of its Western patronage and forming its own alliances. He said that this is why Greece is "allowed" to have Russian S-300 missile systems, while Turkey is not. He said that the U.S. will pay a "high price" for its conflict with Turkey and that Turkey will only accept Finland and Sweden into NATO if it gets something in return. Tekin also said that Turkey will reveal its manned and unmanned fighter jets this year and that it will no longer need American F-16 jets or the missiles and bombs that go with it.

Hamza Tekin: "This year, Turkey will reveal to the world its manned and its unmanned fighter jets. Both of them appear in this picture. This one is unmanned, and this one is manned. This year the world will see them flying.

"Just two hours ago, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the unmanned Turkish fighter jet — the drone — will be able to carry the bombs carried by the F-16. Thus, in terms of military and technology, I believe that Turkey does not need the F-16s — not now, and not in the future.


"Why is Greece allowed to have S-300 systems and Turkey is not allowed? It is because today Turkey is ridding itself of Western patronage. Today, Turkey is acting on its own, striking alliances on its own, disregarding American dominance and European arrogance.


"The U.S. will pay a high price for this conflict with Turkey. The first payment is Turkey's rejection of Sweden and Finland joining NATO — unless it gets something in return. Turkey might agree to that in the end, but not without a price, only if it gets something in return.

"Turkey will conduct its military operation against the terrorist SDF in northern Syria, regardless of the U.S.


"Let the viewers know that it is Turkey that is modernizing the F-16s on its soil, using Turkish technology. Do you and the viewers know that for many years now, Turkey has not bought any missiles for the F-16s, because these missiles are manufactured on Turkish soil, by Turkish hands, using Turkish technology? Therefore, Turkey abandoned the idea of modernizing the F-16 and its missiles and bombs."

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