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Jan 26, 2023
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Turkey-Based Hamas Official Talal Nassar: People Who Join Palestinian Authority Security Agencies Are Traitors Who Serve The Zionists

#10101 | 02:00
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Turkey-based Hamas official Talal Nassar said on a January 26, 2023 show on Arabic language Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Turkish Channel 9 TV that members of the Palestinian Authority's security agencies are traitors who serve the Zionist cause rather than the Palestinian cause. He said that the purpose of the Palestinian Authority has always been to "eliminate the Palestinian cause." Nassar further claimed that the PA security agency members allow the Israeli "occupation" to enter the refugee camps, and instead of protecting Palestinians living there, security agency members arrest Palestinians engaging in "resistance." He said that the people who serve in the security agencies "should reconsider, and use their weapons..."

Talal Nassar: "People who have joined the security agencies of the Palestinian Authority are traitors who serve the Zionist cause rather than the Palestinian one."

Host: "Oof!"

Nassar: "Absolutely! They do not serve [the Palestinian cause]. Let me reiterate that people who serve in the PA's security agencies are traitors who serve the Zionist cause."

Host: "Many people view this as a patriotic cause..."

Nassar: "How does this patriotic cause manifest itself? By allowing the occupation to enter our refugee camps? And then, when the occupations forces enter these camps, these security-coordination pull out? When the occupation forces attack our men, women, and children — where are those people who shoot in the air? Why don't they protect our women? On the contrary, they arrest our people who engage in resistance.

"Moreover, when the security agencies see the Hamas banner — the banner of Monotheism — with a prisoner who has been released from prison, they confiscate the banner, and arrest the person carrying it. Moreover, they interrogate their relatives and family members later that night. There are videos of this everywhere. Therefore, people who serve in the security agencies should reconsider, and use their weapons..."

Host: "But they are not traitors."

Nassar: "My dear brother, treason can be either direct or indirect. In other words, they are half-witted idiots. The purpose of the Palestinian Authority, since its foundation, is to eliminate the Palestinian cause."

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