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Dec 27, 2020
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Azeri Music Video Highlights A Political, Strategic, And Military Alliance Between Azerbaijan, Turkey, And Pakistan: 'Karabakh Belongs To Azerbaijan'

#8629 | 05:03
Source: Online Platforms - "YouTube"

A music video featuring Azeri singer Aygün Ağayeva titled "Hymn of Brotherhood" and uploaded to YouTube on December 27, 2020, highlights the increasing political, strategic, and military alliance between Azerbaijan, Turkey, And Pakistan. Ağayeva sings verses from the Azeri national anthem while two other men, whose names are given as Suat Kocer and Asfer Saaed Deane, representing Turkey and Pakistan, respectively, sing verses from the Turkish and Pakistani national anthems. The video shows footage of the three countries' militaries in training and in action, as well as the three countries' presidents. It concludes with the three performers saying: "Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan."

Aygün Ağayeva: "Our religion is one. Our star and crescent [on the flags of our countries] are one. A hymn of brotherhood for the three countries: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan. Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, the glorious homeland of our brave fathers. We are ready to die for you. We are ready to shed our blood for you. All so we may live blissfully under your three-coloured flag. All so we may live blissfully under your three-coloured flag."

Suat Kocer: "Fear not! The red banner that ripples in this dawn, shall not fade, before the last hearth that is ablaze in my homeland is extinguished. It is the star of my people, which shall shine; it is mine, it belongs only to my people."

Asfer Saaed Deane: "Blessed be the sacred land. Happy be the bounteous realm. Symbol of high resolve — the land of Pakistan! Blessed be you, land of faith."

Ağayeva: "Thousands of martyrs had died for your cause, your plains had become fields of battle! Our soldiers gave their lives for you, each one is a hero in the annals of our land. You shall be a garden full of roses. We are ever-ready to sacrifice our souls for you! Your never-ending love for us, has earned you a place in our hearts!"

Kocer: "Frown not, I beseech you, oh coy crescent! Smile upon my heroic nation! What is this anger and rage for? Our blood, which we shed for you, shall not be worthy otherwise. Freedom is the right of my God-worshipping people."

Deane: "The order of this sacred land is the might of the people's brotherhood. Nation, country, and the state, shine in everlasting glory! Blessed be the goal of our ambition. The flag of the crescent and star leads the way to progress and perfection. Interpreter of our past, glory of our present, inspiration of our future. Symbol of the Almighty's protection."

Ağayeva: "In order to uphold your honor, in order to keep your flag waving, in order to uphold your honor, the young stand at ready!"

All: "The glorious homeland! The glorious homeland! Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!"

Ağayeva: "Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan."

Kocer: "Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan."

Deane: "Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan."

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