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Dec 22, 2015
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Tunisian Sociologist Omar ben Yahmad: Homosexuals in Tunisia Follow the Model of the Jewish Lobby

#5245 | 03:00
Source: Zitouna TV (Tunisia)

Tunisian sociologist Omar ben Yahmad, discussing homosexuality on a December 22 show on Zitouna TV, complained that homosexuals in Tunisia were "well organized," relying "on what the Zionist and Jewish lobby has done in the past decades." They follow the model of Israel, which "has a lobby behind it, controlling all the important hubs of the superpowers," he said.

Mokdad Mejri: "In France, if you cast doubt regarding the Jewish Holocaust, they make you pay a fine of 45,000 euros and sentence you to one year in prison. The objectivity of the media is a big lie. On some issues one may be objective, but we cannot bring someone here to defend rape, for example. We cannot bring someone here to defend terrorism. How can we possibly bring someone here to defend... 99% of the Tunisian families are honorable. I cannot bring here someone to defend homosexuality and spread it in society."


Omar ben Yahmad: "We live in a universe that was created by the Lord. The Lord is the master of the universe, not us. An atom consists of a proton and an electron, not a proton and a proton. God gave us the ability to use science. (The binary system) talks about zero and one, not about one and one. We have the sun and the moon, the day and the night. This is how nature goes. Science tells you 'no,' nature tells you 'no,' religion tells you 'no,' experience tells you 'no.'


"The problem is that these homosexuals are more organized than... They are well organized, they are connected to the media, they get support from abroad..."


Mokdad Mejri: "We need to discuss whether homosexuals have the right to appear in the media, and whether they have the right to do what they do out in the open, right across from our homes."

Omar ben Yahmad: "The answer is simple. They rely on what the Zionist and Jewish lobby has done in the past decades."

Mokdad Mejri: "Please clarify this."

Omar ben Yahmad: "They see a country like Israel, which is above international law, an which has a lobby behind it, controlling all the important hubs of the superpowers, even though they are a small minority. This becomes a model. They say: 'If the Zionists managed to acquire such global influence by means of lobbies, by means of the media, by entering those hubs, we can use the same model.' Thus, a homosexual creates an NGO and tries to reach the media, and follows this model. Today, Israel gives a bad example to the world, to humanity, on how to reach your goals in a despicable way, and by defending inhuman enterprises. It's enough to look at the Israeli model. How did six million (Israelis) manage to do all that? It's clear."

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