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Nov 02, 2012
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Tunisian Salafi Imam Nasr Al-Din Alawi Displays His Shrouds and Threatens to Fight the Islamic Al-Nahda Party

#3639 | 02:10
Source: Attounissia TV (Tunisia)

Following are excerpts from a show featuring Tunisian Salafi Imam Sheikh Nasr Al-Din Alawi, which aired on Attounissia TV on November 2, 2012.

Sheikh Nasr Al-Din Alawi: I would like to ask you, Interior Minister Ali Larayedh: How come wounding a dog in the woods is an unforgivable crime, whereas the killing of two young Muslim men is open to discussion? Are these the values that you have been taught by the Al-Nahda movement?


The minister of the interior says that this is incitement. I'd like to tell him that indeed I am inciting, because Allah says: "...and rouse the believers. Allah may restrain the fury of the unbelievers, for Allah is the strongest in might and punishment."

Today, I have prepared my burial shroud, following the killing of the two martyrs. I call upon all the youths of the Islamic awakening to prepare their burial shrouds because the Al-Nahda movement and many political parties want new elections on the bodies of members of the Salafi movement.


Host: Why do you think that we are infidels? Why are you talking about shrouds? Who are you planning to fight?

Sheikh Nasr Al-Din Alawi: Listen...

Host: Who are you planning to fight?

Sheikh Nasr Al-Din Alawi: I will fight these people – the interior minister and the other leaders of the Al-Nahda movement. They have turned America, the Pharaoh and idol of this age, into their God. America legislates their laws and drafts their constitution.


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