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Nov 27, 2019
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Tunisian Politician Seif Eddine Makhlouf: I Wish to Die as a Martyr in the Al-Aqsa Mosque

#7638 | 01:33
Source: IFM Radio (Tunisia)

Tunisian politician Seif Eddine Makhlouf said in a November 27, 2019 interview on IFM Radio (Tunisia) that any form of contact with Israel constitutes treason. He said that he could never cooperate with people who believe in the Zionists’ right to Palestinian land and that Gaza is the only free place in the Arab world. In addition, Makhlouf said that he wishes to die as a martyr in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and that he would give up his political career to do so.


Host: One of the most important and popular remarks made by President Kaïs Saïed was that [normalization] with the Zionist entity constitutes treason.

Seif Eddine Makhlouf: Absolutely.

Host: Do you share this opinion?

Seif Eddine Makhlouf: Of course.

Host: Do you consider every kind of contact with the Zionist entity to be treason?

Seif Eddine Makhlouf: Of course, without a doubt.

Host: Jaouhar Ben Mbarek was talking after him and he said that it is a crime but that it does not amount to treason.

Seif Eddine Makhlouf: No, no, no. It is the tragedy of our age and of history as a whole. It is our main cause. [Jerusalem] was our first qibla [direction of prayer]. I could never go hand in hand with people who believe in the Zionists’ right to our land in Palestine. Impossible.

Host: Today, Gaza is being bombed again…

Seif Eddine Makhlouf: Gaza is the only free place in the Arab world. Praise be to Allah…

Host: If you had a chance to go to Palestine…

Seif Eddine Makhlouf: I would not hesitate.

Host: Would you give up on your political life in parliament and go there?

Seif Eddine Makhlouf: As I told you, I wish to die as a martyr in Al-Aqsa. I wish to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque and be killed.

Host: Even before you get to fight…

Seif Eddine Makhlouf: You have no idea…

Host: Is this really what you wish for?

Seif Eddine Makhlouf: Could there be a more lofty end? Of course it is… Is there a more lofty end than that?

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