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Dec 19, 2020
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Tunisian MP Safi Said: The Tunisian Revolution Died In Its Cradle A Decade Ago And Has Achieved Nothing

#8552 | 01:45
Source: France 24 Arabic TV (France)

Safi Said, an independent Tunisian MP, said in a December 19, 2020 interview on France 24 Arabic TV that nothing has been achieved since the revolution in Tunisia, that there has been no increase in freedom or justice, that Tunisia is poor, and that Tunisia’s democracy will fail if it continues as it is.

Safi Said: "Tunisia has achieved nothing [since the revolution]. Even the civil state is old and has existed in Tunisia since the 19th century. I am saying that nothing has been achieved. Where are the achievements of the revolution? Where is justice? Where is [the reform in] the judicial system? Where are the freedoms that you are talking about? Cursing and cussing on Facebook? The entire world enjoys that [freedom], and [even] this is not thanks to the revolution. Wait a minute, this is not a pessimistic perspective... [Freedom of speech] is not thanks to the revolution in Tunisia, but thanks to the internet and technology. Everybody [in the world] enjoys these anarchistic freedoms. I am talking about the state, about what happened, about what we are preparing for the future, about future generations, about stolen resources, about the fact that nobody controls anything, and about a ruling elite that is weaker than an eggshell.


"We go here and there, asking, begging for alms...The World Bank has become part of the Tunisian parliament. They want to be present during parliament meetings. 


"This sort of democracy was known in the Arab world in the 1940s. When it failed, it led to tyranny and anarchy. And this [version] will also fail if it continues like this. This sort of democracy that exists in Tunisia exists also in Morocco, in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Jordan, and elsewhere. Do not blow things out of proportion. You look at things from afar. You laud a Tunisian revolution that died in its cradle ten years ago." 

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