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Jun 03, 2020
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Tunisian MP Abir Moussi Slams MB-Affiliated Parliament Speaker Ghannouchi In Fiery Speech: We Will Not Let You Implement Your Dark Plans; Tunisia Will Remain Modern And Secular

#8069 | 02:16
Source: Online Platforms - "Tunisian Parliament on YouTube"

In a video of a parliamentary session that was uploaded to the Tunisian Parliament's YouTube channel on June 3, 2020, Tunisian MP Abir Moussi, the President of the Free Destourian Party, said that it is time to expose the "bitter truth" about parliamentary speaker Rached Ghannouchi. She sharply criticized Ghannouchi for being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, she questioned how he has managed to evade the law, and she accused him of falsifying Tunisia's history and of spreading strife between Muslims and non-Muslims. She also said that political assassinations have started taking place again since Ghannouchi's return to the country and she accused him of sanctioning the killings of Tunisian people and security personnel. Moussi further criticized him for referring to women as vessels for sex and declared that women in Tunisia will remain free. Moussi said that Ghannouchi will be removed from his position in the Tunisian parliament through legal means. Further emphasizing that Tunisia will remain a modern and secular state in the moderate style of Habib Bourguiba, Moussi said: "We will never let you toy with the fate of this country... Let history record this!" She then pushed away her microphone, stood up, and walked out of the parliamentary session.

Abir Moussi: "I am saying to you, [parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi], that this is an accountability session, where you shall hear the bitter truth about yourself and the Tunisian people will hear the lies that you are spreading.


"You are a part of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. You admit this in everything you say and it appears on your official website.


"You were sentenced in absentia in 1991. How did you enter Tunisia on January 30, 2011? Why didn't you go to court when you entered Tunisia? Why weren't you arrested when you entered Tunisia?


"Since you came back, you've been trying to falsify the history of this country. Since you came back, you've been spreading strife between 'infidels' and Muslims. Since you came back, the political assassinations have returned. You sanction the killing of the Tunisian people. You sanction the killing of people working for the security agencies. You sanction the killing of military personnel. You have suppressed the judiciary and human rights. You lie to us every day with your falsified democracy, your deceitful accord, and your guidance on what to do  and what not to do. We are waiting for you. You must leave this parliament. It's beneath my honor that we have you as speaker. It is beneath our honor to have, as Speaker of this parliament, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who is trying to spread a plan of darkness. In your books, you refer to women as awra [forbidden nakedness] and vessels for sex. Women in Tunisia are free thanks to Habib Bourguiba and the Code of Personal Status. We shall remove you from your seat, through legal means. We shall take legal measures to remove you from power.


"Tunisia will remain a secular and modern state. It will return to the Tunisians. It will remain in the moderate style of Habib Bourguiba. Tunisia will maintain a moderate foreign policy. We will never let you toy will the fate of this country. This is not over. Let history record this!"

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