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Apr 30, 2015
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Tunisian Cleric Bechir Begga: Satan and the Jews Are the Enemies of Muslims

#4923 | 02:35
Source: The Internet

In a May 1 sermon, Tunisian cleric Sheik Bechir Begga said that Satan and the Jews are the enemies of Muslims. He added that Allah was gathering the Jews "in Palestine, or in Tel Aviv," where they would meet their end. Sheik Begga posted the clip on his YouTube channel.


Following are excerpts:



Sheik Bechir Begga: Many enemies are behind the strife and catastrophes that afflict the Islamic nation. The most vicious of those enemies are the Jews, may Allah curse them. They are the enemies of Allah, of reform, and of all that is good. Allah has warned us about them in Surat Al-Maida: "You will find that the strongest in enmity towards the believers are the Jews and the polytheists." Allah warns us about the nature of the Jews. They are your staunchest enemies.



The Muslim has two enemies. The first is Satan. The Prophet Muhammad said: "Satan flows through human beings like blood flows through the veins." Satan is the first enemy. "Surely Satan is your enemy, so treat him like an enemy." This is what Allah said.



The second enemy is the Zionist Jew.






They violated pacts and covenants. They slayed the prophets. They disobeyed Allah's commandments and violated his prohibitions. What we are witnessing today is their second and final corruption.






"When there comes the promise of the Hereafter, We will gather you in droves." [Allah] will gather them from all over the world. After He had dispersed the Jews all over the world - some in Britain, some in Germany, some in the Soviet Union, and some in other countries - they will gather again in the lane of Palestine, or Tel Aviv.



"We will gather you in droves." This is one of the signs heralding the Day of Judgment. These are glad tidings for us, because that is their end. They will meet their end by gathering in Israel. This is the beginning of the end for Israel.





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