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Jan 06, 2005
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Tsunami Reactions (5)- Head of Saudi Islamic Relief Organization in Mecca Ahmad Al-Mawri'i: Tsunami Disaster A Warning for Those Who Went To Those Places and Their Fellow Sinners

#465 | 01:48
Source: Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Ahmad Al-Mawri'i, director of the Islamic Relief Organization in Mecca:

Al-Mawri'i: [This disaster] is a warning from Allah to all those who went to those places and their fellow sinners - to serve as a lesson and a warning for them, so they repent and return to Allah, before they will be surprised as their brothers were.

A third matter, or third moral lesson is directed at the survivors: Yesterday, a man was rescued after six days under the ruins. He will always remember how death passed him by, how he saw death, and yet Allah rescued him. The little boy whose mother let go of him – she had two small children and couldn’t hold on to both, she let go of one and grabbed the other. She grabbed the younger one and let go of the older. She thought that the older one had been swept away by the tsunami, by the waves that were as high as mountains, that reached 30 or 40 meters, an amazing thing, and yet, Allah be praised, a wave came and threw the child to safety. After the water receded his mother found him in front of her. This is Allah's grace.

Also, I don't know if you’ve heard, but the media began broadcasting this news yesterday, and the day before - and I saw the pictures on the Internet - an area that was completely destroyed – houses, plant life and trees, factories, everything, except the mosque.

Everyone: There is no god but Allah.

Al-Wawri'i: Allah's house stood tall among them. Whoever frequents the Mosque is saved by Allah.

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