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Jan 05, 2005
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Tsunami Reactions (4) - Advisor to Saudi Justice Minister, Ibrahim Al-Bashar: Affected Nations Were Destroyedfor Lying, Sinning, and Being Infidels

#462 | 01:43
Source: Al-Majd TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from a speech by Ibrahim Al-Bashar, advisor to Saudi Justice Minister:

Al-Bashar: Whoever reads the Koran, given by the Maker of the World, can see how these nations were destroyed. There is one reason: they lied, they sinned, and were infidels. Whoever studies the Koran can see this is the result. Some intellectuals, philosophers and journalists - may Allah show them the straight path – say this is the wrath of nature. Whoever is angry must have a soul and a brain in order to act out his anger. Does the earth have a brain and a body with a soul? They talk about the wrath of nature, or else they claim that what happened was due to a fissure in the depths of the earth, which the earth's crust could not bear. They connect cosmic matters.

But who is the one that cracked it, split it, and commanded it to quake?! Why don't we ask that question? Who is the one that sent the wind? Who sent the floods? But they tell you that it was due to the ebb and tide, and that the barometric depressions are to blame. Who commanded them to do so?

These countries, in which these things occurred – don't they refrain from adopting Allah's law - which is a form of heresy? Man-made laws have been chosen over Allah's law, which has been deemed unsuitable to judge people?! Whoever does not act according to Allah's law is a heretic, that's what Allah said in the Koran. Don't these countries have witchcraft, sorcery, deceitfulness, and abomination?