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Jan 13, 2005
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Tsunami Reactions (13) - Yemeni Professor Al-'Ajai: Global Zionism Abducts Children Who Survived the Tsunami for Slave Trade

#489 | 01:14
Source: Yemen TV

The following are excerpts from an interview with Yemeni Professor Ahmad Muhammad Al-'Ajal on Yemen TV that aired on January 13, 2005:

Al-'Ajal: As for the issue of child abduction in places hit by the earthquake and tsunami in Southeast Asia this is what the organizations of global Zionism are accustomed to, and this is what they do. But it is done in secret. They commit a crime and then place the blame on the Arab and Islamic nation. Of course, the capital of many of the companies that invested there belongs to Zionist companies. Now they are playing a role, both dangerous and devastating for the values and morality of humanity, by abducting these children, while exploiting the circumstances of these painful events, and trading in them. Many studies have proven that a large percent of the slave market belongs to the forces of global Zionism, whose octopus tentacles spread evil throughout the world.

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