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Jan 10, 2022
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Trinidad And Tobago Islamic Scholar Imran Hosein: COVID Pandemic Is Biological Warfare Meant to Reduce World Population So That Israel Can Rule The World

#9311 | 02:02
Source: The Internet - "Imran Hosein on YouTube"

Sheikh Imran Hosein, an Islamic scholar from Trinidad and Tobago, said in a video that was uploaded to his YouTube account on January 10, 2022 that the COVID-19 pandemic is a form of biological warfare that will wipe out the Arabs so that Israel can rule the world. He explained that Pax Britannica and Pax Americana were merely part of a process to bring about "Pax Judaica," and he said that Israel must decrease the world's population because it is too small to rule the world as it is. For more about Sheikh Imran Hosein, see MEMRI TV Clip no. 8872.

Imran Hosein: "Truth comes from above, not from parliament, and not from the Judeo-Christian, Zionist alliances working on behalf of Israel.


"This virus has come from laboratories and will continue to come from laboratories.


"This is biological warfare being waged on mankind.


"We spoke about Pax Britannica and then Pax Americana which replaced it. And then we anticipated that it will culminate, it has not yet culminated with a 'Pax Judaica.' And Britain and the United States are only there preparing the way for Israel to eventually rule the world.


"The virus is likely to kill millions and millions and millions. The Arabs are likely to be wiped out. Why? Because a 'Pax Judaica' cannot replace a Pax Americana. When Israel is so small and the world is so big. Either Israel must grow as big as United States. All the world must become significantly smaller. Which would it be?

"Our view is that the world is going to become significantly smaller and therefore the virus has come to aid and to assist the passage from Pax Americana to 'Pax Judaica.'"

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