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Jul 03, 2015
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Toulouse Imam Mohamed Tatai on 9/11: "The Entire World Knows That There Were Fabrications" - Archival

#6650 | 01:24
Source: Online Platforms - "YouTube channel of the Grande Mosquée de Toulouse"

In a 2015 Friday sermon at the Grande Mosquée Ennour in Toulouse, Imam Mohamed Tatai said: "Along came the events of 9/11... We know, and the entire world knows, that there were fabrications." The sermon was posted on the Grande Mosquée de Toulouse YouTube channel on July 3, 2015. For a recent Friday sermon, in which Imam Tatai cited an antisemitic hadith and prophesized that Israel would soon come to an end, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 6637 Toulouse Imam Mohamed Tatai Recounts Antisemitic Hadith And Prophecies That Israel Will Soon Come To An End, December 15, 2017.

Mohamed Tatai: "This is our religion, and we should be proud of it. We should be proud to declare that we are Muslims, the followers of the Prophet Muhammad. Along came the events of 9/11... We know, and the entire world knows, that there were fabrications. We are a bankrupt nation. We do not produce anything. You do all the production, oh civilized Westerners. Three centuries separate us. For ten centuries, we were the leading nation – the nation of culture, tolerance, truth, and justice. They want to erase history and to extinguish its light. They want to discredit the followers [of Islam], in order to drive people away from our religion and from us. They drive people away from Islam and from the Muslims."

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